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Shipments and returns:

Our shipping terms are contingent on the time frames below for all orders placed on week days before 12h00



You accept that in order for us to prove delivery of an order or part of an order, we do not have to prove that you personally received the goods, but that any person at the delivery address specified on your order signed for the delivery. In the case of post office or depot collections, we need to prove that somebody, not necessarily you, collected the delivery from the depot or post office.


Please note that an order will need to be processed before 14:00hrs or delivery will for that order will reflect on the following working day.


Broken or damaged products

If a product is broken or damaged when you unpack it, you must notify within a day of receiving it. We will make arrangements for the damaged product to be returned to us and get a replacement to you. Alternatively, at our discretion, we may elect to refund you in full for the damaged product.


Voluntary returns

Almost all of the products for at may be returned for credit if you change your mind. Products that are not returnable are our coffee beans, ground, filter, pods and capsules that have been opened and used. (Note that you will be given the opportunity to review the order during the check out process.) For returnable products, we will accept returns for up to three weeks from the time that we dispatch the product or notify you that it is ready for collection. When you return a product to us, we will credit your account with the amount that we charged you for that product.  It is your responsibility to return the product to us in its original undamaged condition.


Products shipped in error

If you receive a product that is different to the one you ordered, you must contact us a day of receiving it. We will make arrangements for the product to be returned to us and to get the correct product to you. Please DO NOT open and use any of the coffee products before returning.

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